The ultimate PC-based development tool for SymbOS

  • Powerful form construction kit
  • Code editor and assembler/compiler
  • Graphic and video manager
  • HTML and Richtext converter a comfortable PC-based integrated development environment!

Quigs IDE is a suite of tools and editors to help developers create applications and other media for SymbOS. Its creator and developer TrebMint aka Rob Buckley started to develop it at the end of 2004, when the SymbOS project has been continued. Together with the appearance of the SYMBiFACE in 2004 Quigs (ex-SymStudio) made the first HD-based full screen videos possible ever seen on CPC. With Quigs you can create forms, code, graphics and even video and export it to the CPC, MSX, PCW and EP version of SymbOS.

Click here to download Quigs IDE